Amsterdam Master’s in Medical Anthropology (AMMA) (1997-2012)

From September 2012 onwards the medical anthropological teaching programs offered at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) has undergone some major changes. One of these changes is that the AMMA is not continued in its previous form.

Medical Anthropology courses at Master’s level are now offered in three different ways, namely:

  1. A one year Master program in Medical Anthropology and Sociology, MAS (
  2. A two years Research Master in Social Sciences, which also has a track in ‘Health, Culture and the Body’ (
  3. The Winter School courses, which were previously offered as part of the AMMA, will continue to be offered (as part of the MAS) and are open for external participants.
    Winter School courses, which are also open to external participants:

For a full list of AMMA theses:

Click for the text of

DOING AND LIVING MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY - Personal Reflections (Rebekah Park & Sjaak van der Geest, editors)

and of

MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Essays and reflections from an Amsterdam graduate programme (Sjaak van der Geest, Trudie Gerrits & Julia Challinor, editors)