Staff of Medical Anthropology / the Research Group ‘Health Care and the Body’ at the University of Amsterdam:
  • teaches master programmes for Dutch and international students
  • runs special courses in its field, both in the university and abroad
  • is involved in training and supervising PhD students
  • carries out scientific and applied research
  • organizes conferences and other academic meetings
  • publishes a journal and several book series
  • maintains links with a large number of other institutions in and outside the Netherlands.



Society for Medical Anthropology


Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ethnomedizin (AGEM e.V.)

Dept of Ethnomedizin Vienna

Centre de Recherche Cultures, Santé, Societés (GRECCS), Aix-en-Provence

Medical Anthropology at Brunel, West London

Società Italiana di Antropologia Medica