PhD Theses (n.b. indicates that full text is available)

This overview presents PHD dissertations in the field of Medical Anthropology, Medical Sociology and Science & Technology Studies. They have been written since about 1995 under the supervision of staff members of the University of Amsterdam. Nearly all can be downloaded. Dutch dissertations contain an English abstract.

Arhinful, D. The solidarity of self-interest: Social and cultural feasibility of rural health insurance in Ghana (2003)

Bijlmakers, L. Structural adjustment: source of structural adversity. Socio-economic stress, health and child nutritional status in Zimbabwe (2003)

Birungi, H. The domestification of injections: a study of social relations of health care in Busoga, Uganda (1995)

Bode, M. Ayurvedic and Unani health and beauty products: Reworking India's medical traditions (2004)

Borne, F.H.M. van den Trying to survive in time of poverty and AIDS: women and multiple partner sex in Malawi (2007)

Dedding, C.W.M. Delen in macht en onmacht: kindparticipatie in de (alledaagse) diabeteszorg (2009)

Elteren-Jansen, M. van Een beetje hangerig... : alledaags handelen van Nederlandse, Nederlands-Indische en Surinaams-Hindoestaanse moeders bij gezondheidsproblemen van hun kinderen (2003)

Faber, M. von Maten van succes bij ouderen: Gezondheid, aanpassing en sociaal welbevinden (2002)

Gerrits, G.J.E. Clinical encounters: dynamics of patient-centred practices in a Dutch fertility clinic (2008)

Kammen, J.R. van Conceiving contraceptives: the involvement of users in anti-fertility vaccines development (2000)

Kinsman, F.J. Pragmatic choices: research, politics and AIDS control in Uganda (2008)

Koster, W. Secret strategies: Women and abortion in Yoruba society, Nigeria (2003)

Meursing, K.J.J. A world of Silence. Living with HIV in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe (1997)

Nahar, P. Childless in Bangladesh: suffering and resilience among rural and urban women (2007)

Neema, S. Autonomy and Childbirth in Uganda (1995)

Nguyen, T.A. Access to comprehensive prevention of mother-to-child transmission program: obstacles and implications (2009)

Obirih-Opareh, N. Solid waste collection in Accra: The impact of decentralisation and privatisation on the practice and performance of service delivery (2003)

Olarte Sierra, M.F. Achieving the desirable nation: abortion and antenatal testing in Colombia: the case of amniocentesis (2010)

Oosterhoff, P.P.J. Pressure to bear: gender, fertility and prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV in Vietnam (2008)

Reeuwijk, M.A.J. van Because of temptations: children, sex and HIV/AIDS in Tanzania (2009)

Regt, M. de Pioneers or Pawns? Women Health Workers and the Politics of Development in Yemen (2003)

Reis, R. Sporen van ziekte: Medische pluraliteit en epilepsie in Swaziland (1996)

Saavala, M. Child as Hope. Contextualizing Fertility Transition in Rural South India (1997)

Senah, K.A. Money be man. The popularity of medicines in a rural Ghanaian community (1997)

Sringernyuang, L. Availability and use of medicines in rural Thailand (2000)

Stegeman, M.M.W. Viva Crianca. Health, nutrition and care of young children in northeastern Brazil (1997)

Sui, S. Vulnerable populations and genetic disorders: a socio-science approach to the application of genetic technology in China (2010)

Tadele, G. Bleak prospects: young men, sexuality and HIV/AIDS in an Ethiopian town (2005)

Tan, M.L. Magaling na gamot: Pharmaceuticals and the construction of power and knowledge in the Philippines (1996)

Vermeulen, H. Een proeve van leven: praten en beslissen over extreem te vroeg geboren kinderen (2001)

Wattie, A.M. Violence in the day-to-day lives of women plantation workers in Central Java, Indonesia (2004)

Zaman, S. Broken limbs, broken lives: Ethnography of a hospital ward in Bangladesh (2003)